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How MBE Works


Using Midwest Barter Exchange is very simple and effective. When a business joins, they are given an online account. (See the screenshots on the right.) This is where members manage all of their trade activity within the group which includes processing sales, reprinting old statements, finding members to spend trade with, and using the marketplace to buy and sell just to name a few.


What makes our service special is the use of barter dollars through the online account. Barter dollars are simply another form of payment which is accepted by our members and backed by their own products/services. It’s how you’ll pay for what you need instead of spending cash. The use of barter dollars completely opens up how you can use trade in your business. You might not need $1000 worth of accounting, but you could use $500 in advertising, $250 in social media help, and $250 in printing. Earn the $1000 barter dollars from the accountant and spend it with any other business in the group on what you actually need or want. The accountant pays it back by allowing other business members pay in trade. That’s the power of barter dollars and group trading.


How much you save is based on your own costs. The accountant above got $1000 of goods and services which mainly costs time. At a 30% cost of goods sold, you have $300 cash invested in every $1000 of sales. If you earned and spent $1000 barter dollars, you would have gotten $1000 of buying power that only cost you $300 cash out of pocket plus our small fees. That’s pretty tough to beat.


Many ask how to get started. We offer our members a 0% line of credit which will allow you to spend trade prior to making a sale. There is no monthly minimum required and no additional fees accrued by having a negative balance. The negative balance just sits there until someone down the road spends trade with you.


The use of our online platform and barter dollars give another very distinct advantage over one on one trading. The software we use is also used by other barter companies across the US and outside the US. That means, you can earn barter dollars from anyone locally and spend them with a company who might be in Florida. Same goes for sales. You can sell on trade to a business in California and spend here at home.


Due to operating our own local currency, it’s important we’re fully in line with IRS rules and regulations. To accomplish this, we send each member a year-end 1099-b to report all trade sale income. Per the IRS, as long we record and report all transactions, the barter dollars are equal to the US Dollar. Tax wise, all trade income is recorded as if it were cash. Same goes for expenses paid in trade. Business expenses are deducted just as if they were paid with cash. This makes trading neither a tax advantage nor disadvantage. It just adds transparency.


I already belong to a networking group and don’t need another… We’re not a networking group. There are no meetings, requirements for one on ones, or guidelines for spending and/or bringing new businesses into the group. If we do decide to meet, it will be 100% voluntary and just a chance to get to know others in the group. They might be once a quarter.

It will devalue my products/services… Not at all. You’re getting full retail value on all your sales.

It will take too much time… Processing a trade sale literally takes less than 1 minute. See the completing a sale video below.

Trade will take over my business… Nope. You have full control of when you accept a trade sale.



Cash is king… That’s true, so why not take advantage of your profit margins to help keep more of it?