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Private Tutors

Turn Your Billable Services into BUYING POWER!

How Midwest Barter Works for a Private Tutor

When you join MBE you can stop paying cash for things you can purchase though trade. One man developed an active trade business from his home by bartering piano lessons for the kids of business owners. His first trade was for new carpeting for his home. The carpet store owner was happy to trade new carpet in exchange for piano lessons for his four children.

The tools and diversity of members within the MBE network provide the tutor with an incredible array of goods and services to choose from—he can find pretty much whatever he wants or needs in trading. His barter partners are also excited about the prospect of trading with the tutor because they are getting a terrific service at a huge discount due to their wholesale purchasing power and use of downtime in the exchange. Each of these trades means new business for all parties and has not taken anything away from cash business.

Don’t forget, when you purchase goods and services from MBE with your trade dollars, your basis is zero. What is the time you have open on Tuesday worth with no tutoring scheduled? Zero! When the time has past it is gone forever. So, when you are walking on that new carpet you got it essentially for free.

Who doesn’t want to save cash? Who doesn’t want to purchase goods and services for around 30¢ on the dollar? The outlay is your cost of goods or unused time and labor, but you are trading for full retail price, you are getting a tremendous bargain.  Unsellable inventory or unbillable downtime (net losses) is converted into purchase power. It’s not long before you grasp the amazing potential of MBE membership: buying what you need for cents on the dollar, increasing your business exponentially through new customers and conserving your cash!

How Can Barter Benefit You

• Parking Lot Maintenance
• Employee Benefits
• Pest Control
• Facility Maintenance
• Heating &Air
• Plumbing
• Printing
• Print Advertising
• And Much More…

Benefits of Business Barter

Do you know that more than 450,000 U.S. businesses are now using barter in
addition to cash business? In fact, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500
companies use barter as part of their business strategy.

Today, barter is more than a way to buy and sell, it’s a business
strategy for preserving cash, improving efficiency and winning new

Acquiring what you need by leveraging downtime or selling more of what you
already make or sell is simple, smart and essentially foolproof. Now, you can turnexcess time, inventory or spare production capacity into buying power!

Midwest Barter Exchange has the power to:
• Bring you new customers • Increase your sales • Preserve your cash and improve your P&L
• Bigger market share with worldwide exposure • Buy what you need for cents on the dollar

Increased sales. Better cash flow. Bigger market share. Midwest Barter Exchange.

Use Barter for Personal Needs

Auto Repair • Alterations • Beauty Salons • Business Consulting • Computer Repair • Dog Training & Kenneling • Electrical
Furniture • Gifts • Graphic Design • Greenhouse • Health &Wellness • Heating &A/C • Massage • Office Rentals
Photography • Plumbing • Pest Control • Printers • Security • Storage • Television • Towing • Video Production •Writer

Take Action Now!

Midwest Barter Exchange is offering a one-time Barter Dollar Bonus to all new members who join MBE. Simply contact Nick Baumgartner at (785) 383-4965 to get more information on the amazing opportunity that Barter brings to your business.


Better Barter means Better Business for ALL of US!

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